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Crimson Blades is now 10/14H! Fantastic work, as always!

Yeah, yeah, we need more videos or pictures or something.

In the meantime, our past videos are always available on!


Zarin a posted Dec 24, 13
Crimson Blades is now 7/14H! Good work everyone!

Enjoy the holiday break! Herald of the Titans runs will be conducted on 12/29 and 1/5, so finish gearing those level 80 characters up!

Heroic Iron Juggernaut Down!

Zarin a posted Dec 5, 13
Okay so yeah we uh haven't had a lot of time to do the video thing, so ... whoops.

We are now 6/14 Heroic!

Properly edited YouTube videos will be forthcoming; in the meantime, raw footage is available on

Well this is a bit late but last week we downed Malkorok after a night of pulls.  Sadly due to something in the fight causing a ridiculous amount of lag, there's no video.

We did however clear Spoils last night, and won't leave you hanging on that fight.

As always, our raids are streamed and can be viewed via the link on the side of the front page.  We've also added a Healer stream as from our Resto Shaman Asylie's point of view. 

Brewmaster Tank:
Restoration Shaman:

We have plenty of new recruits we've also pushed through the trial process.  Congratulations to Asylie, Rhapsodii, Markanthony, Gaffgarion, and Elldur have all joined our raider ranks!

Tonight we continue working on Thok, hopefully with a kill video soon!

Nazgrim DOA.

Xillian a posted Sep 25, 13
On our second night of raiding this week we crept up to #16 on server by killing General Nazgrim.  Malkorok's time is coming...

Realm Rank 29
Region Rank 410
World Rank 1358
BOB!!!! we miss u too
I miss you guyz
Congrats to Gary and Camille on their upcoming addition!
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