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Mythic Twin Ogron Down!

Zarin a posted Jan 10, 15

Twin Ogron

Poor Pol and Phemos ... they misinterpreted our desire to play Twister as "wanting to fight" and now they are dead. I got a sweet shield out of the deal, though, so I'll get over it.

(I'm awful at updating the front page. Maybe I'll get better at it. Someday.)

At any rate, excellent work toughing out the hangovers on New Year's Day and getting the progression work in on them that sealed the deal during the next raid week.

As expected of a 13/14 Heroic SoO guild (pre-6.0), Mythic SoO was defeated quickly and is currently a two-hour romp in a not-unwelcome break!

However, Crimson Blades is well poised for Warlords of Draenor, and there is a lot of anticipation surrounding the start of raid progression on 2 December 2014!

13/14H, one boss to go!

Xillian a posted Sep 19, 14

Watch live video from Crimsonblades on Twitch

Gratz team on the great work last week!  after spring fever and D3 fun subsided we were able to assemble a full team and get enough time in on Thok to kill the ugly dino.
Crimson Blades is now 10/14H! Fantastic work, as always!

Yeah, yeah, we need more videos or pictures or something.

In the meantime, our past videos are always available on www.twitch.tv/crimsonblades!
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The turnip that you can treat as a target dummy and attack...can this be popped in a raid zone? Example: we could place it down and let our warriors get full rage, pallets get full holy power, etc. right before we pull a boss. If it works, heh
Miss you guys and gals be beck soon
Au contraire! In the opinion of the webmaster, true progression stopped when 6.0 dropped!
Webmaster is slacking on updating our heroic progression!
6.0 is here!!! It's gonna be a fun night O.o